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Hollywood Villain, Local Good Guy to Open Crestline Brewery

You may know Andrew Divoff, best known for his iconic movie roles as the embodiment

of evil in the character Djinn of the Wishmaster horror film series, or as the reviled

antagonist, Mikhail Bakunin in Season 3 of the award-winning television series Lost. 

I met with Andrew on an early October afternoon in Lake Arrowhead, where the warm

vestiges of summer were preparing to give way to turning leaves and the promise of

cool fall air.   Off-screen, Andrew is quiet and introspective, an artist with a soft spot for

those in need in his local community and beyond.   Like a movie trailer, Andrew shared

with me his vision for Three Marm Brewing, a coming attraction for an exciting

amalgamation of the artistry of craft beer, a celebration of logging history, community,

and philanthropy.   With an expected opening in April 2018, Andrew and his partners are

busy arranging  for permitting, and building out the infrastructure to ensure enough

brew for sale in local Jensen’s Foods, Goodwin’s Grocery Markets, BevMo! Stores, and

local restaurants and venues like Lake Arrowhead’s Tudor House.   Andrew’s ultimate

vision is to create a brewery and intimate 33-seat tap room in the old Crestline Library,

at Knapps Cutoff and Cedar Lane; a corner property with plenty of parking for

community members and craft beer enthusiasts in general to stop by and pick up

a crowler of beer or taste flights of his brew.    For those who are not familiar, a crowler

is a 32-ounce fill-to-order can, that is replacing reusable brown glass jugs for multi-serving take-away beer orders. 

Andrew’s cornerstone brew is a nod to his former role as the evil genie Djinn.  Djinn’s HellaBrew is a handcrafted brew using an all-grain recipe to develop natural sugars with Persian lime and habanero peppers added to create subtle but memorable heat.  Mystic Mast Black Rum Stout is a robust and toasty stout infused with rum soaked raisins.   Three Marm Brewing will also offer a Mexican Lime Lager and a rotation of feature beers yet to be conceived by the quartet of artistically inspired brewers.   For craft beer aficionados who would like to influence future beer creations, the brewery will offer a Friends Shares Program, an exclusive opportunity for 333 members to enjoy a pint of beer on the house in their own hand etched glass and vote on the next feature flavor to be offered at the brewery.   

Andrew and the Three Marm team will be gearing up for the 333 Friends

Shares Campaign over the next couple of months.  Three Marm’s name

comes from the shared logging background of its founders.   Marm is

logging parlance for the crotch in a tree that forks into two or more trunks.

Forestry trivia aside, the brewery’s name marries well with the future

brewery’s woodsy architectural feel and the community’s efforts to

rebrand the Crest Forest Area as “Swiss Alps meets Logging Town.” 

Andrew’s vision for the brewery is to develop a warm “community table”

atmosphere, a touchstone where locals and travelers alike can gather to

take in the majesty of the mountain, and enjoy a pint of “real craft beer

made by real craftsmen.”

A full-time mountain local for over ten years, Andrew is excited for the future of the local community, heavily dependent on revenues earned from tourists seeking nature’s beauty amongst the cathedral of open sky, evergreen trees, and unique experiences offered by local artisans of all kinds.  Andrew currently pours his brews in support of a variety of local and national charities.  One cause particularly close to his heart is Operation Provider, a nonprofit supporting those in need in Crestline, Lake Arrowhead and the surrounding San Bernardino Mountain communities. Andrew is also passionate about developing mountain youth’s enthusiasm for the arts through his donations to Mountain Film and Theater Arts Committee (MFTAC) scholarships.  Andrew plans to continue his philanthropy by donating a portion of Three Marm Brewing proceeds to those in need.  

These next few months will be an exciting process of transforming the Three Marm Brewing vision into reality.  Fans and community members can follow the brewery’s development on the Three Marm Brewing Facebook Page and the Andrew Divoff Official Facebook Page.  Both pages are kept up-to-date with photos of recent Brewfest events and charitable initiatives.  Andrew’s personal Facebook page is chock-a-block full of his activities, brewery build-out initiatives, and features horror genre items for sale, which a portion of the proceeds goes to support philanthropic causes.  Stay tuned to both Facebook pages for video updates on the brewery buildout, and the “Friends Shares Program.” You can contact Andrew to share your support for Three Marm Brewing Co., share charity causes that inspire you, or to make suggestions for new craft beer flavors.  Oh, So Cal! will continue to follow Andrew’s progress and report on the upcoming Three Marm Grand Opening event.

By Kelly Wilson

To contact the author, visit her website,www.notesfromthesanitarium.com   10/09/17